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Voices Amplified is honored to participate in a variety of community engagement opportunities. From workshops to joint fundraisers to event sponsorships, we love cultivating relationships. We are also mobilizing to reach communities in and around Central Kentucky and beyond. Contact us for collaboration inquiries.

Community Workshop Self Defense with UKPD

In the 2017-2018 year, The Girl Project collaborated with the University of Kentucky Police Department (UKPD) Self-Defense and Risk Reduction Tactics (S.T.A.R.R.) program for 9 hours of women's self-defense training. Members of the The Girl Project leadership team, alumni, and their mothers participated in a three-night program ending in a simulated fight night. UKPD returned to the summer 2018 program with a shorter workshop, and the girls had the opportunity to interview Officer Samantha Hess, coordinator for S.T.A.R.R., about her experiences and her work with this amazing program.

Step By Step

In 2015, The Girl Project Co-Founders Vanessa Becker Weig and Ellie Clark collaborated with Step by Step, a Lexington based organization committed to helping single mothers. The creative process was filmed as a documentary by Julie Edwards Fauxe, and was titled after the project - JUMP (Just Us Moms Performing). In 2018, The Girl Project was thrilled to reunite with Step by Step as a co-beneficiary for Voices HEaRd. Members of the original cast performed a piece from JUMP for the mainstage performance, and The Girl Project/Step By Step hosted a documentary screening and talkback at the Woodford Theatre. 

Greenhouse 17

For the premiere year of Voices HEaRd, The Girl Project partnered with GreenHouse17, an advocacy organization committed to ending intimate partner related violence. As a co-beneficiary of the Voices HEaRd proceeds, GreenHouse17 was also represented in the mainstage show. TGP Co-Director Jeni Benavides interviewed a staff member from GreenHouse17 as well as a survivor, and adapted the interview transcripts into monologues. These monologues were performed as documentary theatre pieces to represent the voices of GreenHouse17 in this fundraising event. 

The Nest aT TheGirlProject

next generation

In the winter of 2018, The Girl Project partnered with leaders from The Nest, a social service organization in Lexington that provides education, counseling, and support to children and families in crisis. The Nest offered a special visual arts-based workshop for our middle school program, The Girl Project: Next Generation, to teach the girls about healthy relationships and setting clear boundaries with friends, family members, and romantic partners.

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