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The girl project

A community for female-identifying high school-aged students designed to build confidence and nurture positive relationships and social circles. The Girl Project deepens participants' understanding of media literacy, advocacy, and social change through performing arts education.

A peer mentoring program for middle school-aged female-identifying students designed to cultivate mentor-mentee relationships, educate participants about media literacy, and build self-confidence and positive school cultures through performing arts education.

The girl project

next generation


Voices heard

A community event celebrating artists and activists by offering a platform to generate places of story. Over the past three years we have collaborated and performed alongside 100+ artists from all over Kentucky and beyond.



Bodies Amp'd

An intergenerational response to the divine feminine body. Weekly hybrid workshops involve exploring commercial and psychological forces influencing body image through writing, movement, and holding space for participant's stories. Movement exploration is crafted using theatrical movement techniques and traditional dance styles and will be accessible to participants of all ages, shapes, and abilities.

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