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The Girl Project is an arts-meets-activism initiative designed to empower female-identifying high schoolers to challenge the misrepresentation and underrepresentation of voices and bodies in contemporary American media culture by educating participants in media literacy. Throughout the project participants are introduced to guest artists who create a brave and equitable space for participants as they are led in theatre, dance, spoken word, movement, music, sketch comedy, and visual art workshops. These workshops culminate in the participants' creation of an original, final theatrical performance.


By engaging in the workshops, performances, and related community outreach initiatives, participants in The Girl Project gain creative, cognitive and emotional tools necessary to challenge the negative messages around gender and envision positive possibilities for themselves and their future. The workshops build confidence, nurture positive relationships and social circles, and give the participants a better understanding of advocating for social change.

TGPClass of 2018

Savanna Arnold

Sarah Gazala

Ash Gladson

Carly Healander 

Liliana Hernandez

Siobhan Johnson

Amani Kajtazovic

Elizabeth Lackey

Dylan Stern

Ally Van Haaren

Kayla Wall

Juliette Wallace

Ireland Wolfe

Bryan Station High School, Lafayette High School, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, STEAM Academy, Tate's Creek High School, 

Woodford County High School


TGPClass of 2017

Hannah Broomhall

​Makayla Brown
Natalie Hutcherson

Jill Kohr

Maddi Mulcher

Eliza Platt

Jaycee Taylor

Hannah Tirlea
Stella Ullman

Hannah Wathuge

Jamison Watkins 

Bella Wolfe

Franklin County High School, Montgomery County High School, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, SCAPA/Lafayette High School, Scott County High School, STEAM Academy, West Jessamine High School, Western Hills High School, Woodford County High School

TGPClass of 2016

 Emma Draper
Julianna Burdine
Sarah Hack 
Makenna Henehan
Kennedy Johnson
Cassidy Kemplin
Sarah Metcalfe 
Elena Newberg
Rachael Prewitt 
Harper Sutton
Olivia Tussey
Anna Valenta

East Jessamine High School​, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, SCAPA/Lafayette High School, 

Woodford County High School


TGPClass of 2015

Erin Connors
Courtney Cox
Maya Creamer
Tiana Harris
Kallie Hellard
Kat Gore
Ali Ray
Anna Stewart-Wilcox
Raiffa Syamil
Dara Talbott
Emerson Thompson
Lucy Wan

East Jessamine High School​, Henry Clay High School, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, Tate's Creek High School, Woodford County High School

TGPClass of 2014

Shannon Calkins
Olivia Casey
Ana Isabel Castellanos
Rena Childers
Julia Dake 
Megan Harvey
Anna Hoots
Kate Marshall
Alexis McCourt
Olivia McKee
Alissa Miller
Brittany Morton
Charlotte Muyamba 
Madison Plucknett
Laiken Ross
Rowan Schaefer
Maya Smith
Chelsea Southworth
Emma Wiggins

East Jessamine High School​, Henry Clay High School, Lexington Catholic High School, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, Sayre School, SCAPA/Lafayette High School, The Stables, West Jessamine High School, 

Woodford County High School

GP 2014.2.jpg
warrior dance.jpg

TGPClass of 2013

Alicen Abler
Melissa Anderson
Ella Barton
Emma Becker
Jezriel Carter
Alex Francke
Deja Garner
Ameila Giancarlo
Catherine Hale
Carly Hudson
Mariah Mowbray
Madison Nau
Rebecca Peniston
Rebecca Rilea
Ella White
Alex Whitten
Kayleigh Wilson

Abler Academy, Bryan Station High School, Gatton Academy, Henry Clay High School, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, SCAPA/Lafayette High School, South Laurel County High School

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