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The Girl Project (TGP) has acted as the name of our mothership for the past eight years, but this name has inadvertently excluded voices we strive to amplify, including past participants of The Girl Project. Therefore, our new mothership name will be, VoicesAmplified! Although we have changed our name, we will continue to offer all of our arts activism work: The Girl Project, The Girl Project: Next Generation, The GenZ Project and Voices Heard as soon as we are able to safely gather in shared spaces again. We also have some exciting new projects in the works including Voices Amp'd, Bodies Amp'd, and ACTivate.

Voices Amp'd: A PODCAST

We have watched as theatres across the country have closed their doors without any projection of when operations will resume. So, we launched a podcast - VoicesAmp’d! Now in Season 2, Voices Amp'd is cranking up the volume on voices, stories and action, in an interview podcast featuring the artists, activists, community leaders and organizers that have been inspirational to our arts-activism and advocacy work for the past eight years. Each episode will take a deep dive into the personal journey of our guest. We will talk about their personal and professional lives, their successes, their setbacks and the obstacles they've faced in pursuit of their passion. We will also invite each guest to share some of their personal creative work or work that is currently fueling or inspiring them.


The Girl Project has been shapeshifting, as we have worked under the mission of multiple theatres in their educational programming. But our expansion has moved us toward making the big decision to create our own not-for-profit. As we shape our not-for-profit, Fractured Atlas is acting as our umbrella organization. All tax deductible donations will be made through them as we move toward complete independence. Check out our Fractured Atlas page by clicking here!

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